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Journey to Cassiopeia

A Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner  |  A MarCom Award Winner

When her father comes home late as usual, 8-year-old Cassie has wisdom to share beyond her years. Written by John K. Addis. Illustrated by Daniela Olaru.

“Hauntingly beautiful.” – Kory M. Shrum, USA Today Best-Selling Author

“A heart-tugging, first-of-its-kind children’s book for grown-ups.” – Kirk Montgomery, ABC-TV

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Interior Pages “I am wowed by the versatility and depth of this author . . . and the depth of this ‘simple’ story. I have read his thriller/horror story The Eaton. The quality & depth of these completely different genres is mind-boggling. I can’t wait to read more from Mr. Addis.” – Caryn Coyle, Amazon

“Journey to Cassiopeia is not only a remarkable tale, but also shines a light on our own mortality and that nothing can be taken for granted in this world, especially the safety of the ones we love.” – Rosie Malezer, Readers’ Favorite

“Beautifully composed and heartbreaking. And it is because of the first that it is the second. To fall in love with the characters and their relationship in so few words, is a testimony to the author’s talent and the illustrator’s creative expression. Perfect!” – Sandra Neumann, Goodreads