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Yep, it's me.

About John

Mid-Michigan Storyteller

John K. Addis is an award-winning author, designer and marketing professional in Lansing, Michigan. But it’s all storytelling.

Whether authoring a novel, creating short films, writing political articles, composing original songs, or crafting marketing copy for my clients, I have always been a storyteller. As a child, I filled up endless journals of short stories, and created countless hours of movies on my Fisher Price PXL-2000 camcorder. As an alleged grown-up, I’ve found ways of turning my love of storytelling into my career and hobbies. If you’re into storytelling yourself, you may have seen one of my presentations on modern publishing, or if you’re a fan, attended a book signing.

The Eaton was my first completed full-length novel, and I remain humbled at the overwhelming response and reception it received. It reaffirmed my desire and commitment to telling Michigan-based stories. I had, after all, created a variety of Michigan-themed projects before that, from my daily comic strip Studentangle which ran in Michigan State University’s The State News, to writing and directing the cult local miniseries The Bells of Beaumont Tower, which Unspeakable Magazine described as “one hell of a story.” (My first review!) I have always felt that Michigan is underrepresented in modern fiction, and I’d like to have at least a tiny part in changing that.

Until recently, I’ve resisted the urge to publish a writer’s website, as I’m quite a bit overwhelmed with commitments. In addition to my day job owning and operating a design and marketing firm (Addis Enterprises) with 20 full-time creative professionals, I also play keys and occasional vocals in a mid-Michigan cover band (The Black Barn Band), serve as Lt. Governor of District 6 of the American Advertising Federation, am earning an MBA in Marketing, and still need to find time to travel with my wife and be goofy with my three creative, hysterical kids. I point these commitments out not to humblebrag or to expect sympathy, but as my response to repeated questions from family, friends, and fans about when I’m finally going to release Book X or Book Y that I’ve been teasing for ages. Be patient! Everything will get done eventually. Just, first I need to argue politics with a stranger online for an hour. (Squirrel!)

So if you’re reading this, please know how much it means to me that you’ve sought me out. It’s only fun being a storyteller if people actually enjoy the stories you’re telling. I will be publishing at least five (!) projects over the next calendar year, and with any luck, one of them will be your favorite. And if not, well, I’ll just have to keep trying.