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John's Books

Discover John's Books

John writes exciting, suspenseful thriller novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The Eaton

Sam Spicer purchases a dilapidated Eaton Rapids railroad depot and uncovers its dark secrets. An award-winning Amazon and Audible best-seller. “The Eaton is the best kind of horror.” – Midwest Book Review 


Journey to Cassiopeia

When her father comes home late as usual, 8-year-old Cassie has wisdom to share beyond her years. “A heart-tugging, first-of-its-kind children’s book for grown-ups.” – Kirk Montgomery, ABC-TV


The Paper

Two seventh-graders team up to publish an independent kid-run newspaper in their hometown of New Haven, Michigan. But who will dare tackle the story behind the house at the end of the street?


The Bells of Beaumont Tower

This collection contains the complete shooting scripts for the WELM-TV cult classic, along with the original rough plot sketches, behind-the-scenes details, facts about the production, and more.